October 31, 2018

Introduction of the use of iPads

Exciting news for our school community!

We have just introduced the use of iPads at our school to enhance our learning and teaching methods in the classroom. These iPads will help to further engage students and provide them with more ways to practice pronouncing, reading, writing, and typing in Japanese.

We hope our students will enjoy the benefits that these iPads will bring to the class.

These iPads would not have been possible without the financial assistance of the G&F Financial Group Foundation, and we send them a huge Thank You! for their community investment supporting our “Learning with iPads” project.

The G&F Financial Group West Richmond Branch is supportive of the Steveston Japanese Language School in many ways, including funding two of our scholarship awards, providing us with an avenue to fundraise, and sponsoring our celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre last December.

Please take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available for your children, as well as the opportunity for you to raise funds for the school by simply opening up an account at the G&F West Richmond Branch (and tell them the Steveston Japanese Language School sent you!).

Tomoko Suzuki, Principal