Registration Forms

To register for classes, please print and complete the applicable form below, and register in person at the school office with payment.

Please note we do not accept credit card or debit; please pay in cash or cheque(s).



Regular Registration (Children’s classes)

Use this form if you are registering a new family to the school or if you are registering outside of the Early Registration period.

Download 2019-2020 Regular Registration Form – English (PDF)


登録用紙 (子どもクラス、一部日本語)


2019-2020年度の登録用紙 (PDF)をダウンロード(レギュラー)

※登録用紙に添付の行動規範 (Code of Conduct) のページについて、正式な書類は英文ですが、日本語はこちらの翻訳文をご参照ください。


Adult Registration

Use this form if you are registering for an adult evening class.

Download 2019-2020 Adult Registration Form (PDF)